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01/18 – 5 Quick & easy hairstyles

Whether you’re a corporate-climber, a trendsetter or a quietly confident Queen, you’ll love the five styling tips we’ve put together. Say bye-bye to bad hair days and hello to turning heads!

  1. Beach hair

We’re lucky to live in a magnificent part of the world so if you’re spending your weekends chilling at the beach, why not make a hair statement while you’re at it? Try twists or braids without extensions if your hair is long enough. With these you can wear a swimming cap at the beach and still have beautiful looking hair to create an up-do for the evening. If your hair is shorter, use extensions that are not too bulky as it may be a handful to deal with in the summer heat and humidity.

  1. Faux Bun

For a cool off the neck style, you can fake a voluminous bun with ease. Simply pull clean, moisturised hair into a low mini bun or knot, attach a braided pack of Kanekalon weave to the knot using a hair tie, wrap it into a low bun and secure with bobby pins. Faux buns are great for rocking the red carpet or knocking the socks off your hot date!

  1. Short hairstyles

Short hair doesn’t have to be boring. Go with your all-natural short hair as it is for daytime, or make some cornrows in the front to add flavour. Amp up the glam for evening outings and parties with accessories that jazz up your look and express your style. This no-fuss style is also great for the office because you shouldn’t have to worry about your hair while you’re nailing your career!

  1. Protective hairstyles

Need a break from your year-long hair care regime? Braids, twists or a weave are great options that protect your natural hair, require minimum maintenance, and can be washed as often as needed with no shrinkage issues. Thick braids or twists are the trend now since they take less time to install and remove as we become busier by the day. Pair them up with a sexy heels and a killer dress and no-one will rock the red carpet the way you do!

  1. Party hairstyles

It’s a new year which means more parties, events and outings – and let’s not forget Valentine’s Day for us romantics! Go for easy but fashionable styles that don’t take hours to perfect. A twist out or braid out will always be in place no matter where the party takes you. If it’s drizzling or raining though, a big puff or pinned up-do is the best option as it ensures your hair stays in place and presentable, so you can focus on the job at hand – having fun!

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