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01/18 – How to slay the Natural Look in 2018

The natural look is always on trend! Whether you’re heading to work, a big date or a party, looking fresh, flawless and natural exudes confidence and makes you look and feel energised. It’s time to get back to basics and master the natural look:


  • Go for the chop! Shelving your weave or extensions gives your natural hair a break. With no long strands brushing against you, your skin will love the change too.
  • Go bold! Experiment with colours and cuts. A trendy haircut always turns heads or liven things up with a dash of brazen colour!
  • While short, natural hair equals no-fuss, it still requires TLC. Make sure your hair is well-moisturised and hydrated as dry hair is brittle and breaks easily.
  • Don’t over-wash. Many of us are guilty of washing our hair every day but experts say rather reach for the shampoo every second or third day. This allows for your natural oils to nourish your scalp.


  • Nourish your face by washing and moisturising it. Try to keep your hair off your face to avoid oily skin and breakouts.
  • The key to highlighting natural big and beautiful hair is to take on a fresh face look. To achieve this the first step would be to cover up any visible scars, acne or dark spots with a concealer. Blend it in with a small brush or finger.
  • Using a foundation brush, apply liquid foundation or BB cream foundation to the whole face, blending well onto your neck, ears and around the face for a smoother finish. Using your blush brush, lightly sweep your bronzer onto your cheeks, jawline, chin and forehead.
  • Lastly, apply your blush in a circular motion to the apple of your cheeks and blend it into your hairline for a natural look.

Lips and eyes….

  • Finish by going for a nude lip to complete the natural look. Nude lips are a perfect way to make a bold statement, but in a subtle way. Pair them with a smokey eye and you are sure to turn heads!

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